FAQ – Common Questions I Receive

What is genetic analysis?

Genetic analysis is the study of DNA (by a saliva or cheek swab) to look for variants in genes that may connect to how an individual responds to diet, food, environment, exercise, sleep, and medications.

Once you have a genetic test done, a raw file of your genome is downloaded. This raw file is what is used to create a blueprint based on genetic correlation and causation.

Why should I order my DNA analysis?

Optimizing your body. I don’t focus on the disease model current in our medical system. Instead, the focus is on bringing the body and mind into homeostasis and optimizing you. Any symptoms or struggles is just your body letting you know it is out of balance. A balanced body is one that is healthy and beautiful from the inside out. The focus isn’t just short term gains, it’s long term vitality. Understanding your genetic profile and blueprint can help enhance your understanding of you, while increasing your feelings of well being. Once you know more about your blueprint, you can make better informed lifestyle changes. Lifestyle can influence gene expression. My focus is on positive expression. This includes: food choices, activity, movement, sleep, breathing and stress. I use biometric monitoring to give us both an accurate picture of where you are at day to day.

What information do you provide in your analysis?

I will cover Nutrition, Supplementation, and Sleep with a small amount of applicable Fitness. Depending on your goals, I can also do a quick look at your hormone genes. You will get a 360 degree lifestyle overview to better understand your biology.

What if I don’t want to know my Alzheimer’s or Cancer risk?

Here is the value to you, I take your wants, needs and desires into consideration. Unlike the horror stories you have heard, this model is not focused on disease. Remember, the focus is on bringing your body, mind and spirit into homeostasis and optimization.

At the same time, I work to deconstruct the fear and misinformation around genes that many people have. There are actually more benefits to a so called "bad" gene than anything that could be bad. The media and science have done a great job promoting fear around some very spiritual genes. Also remember - biology (your genes) do not determine your outcome. YOU and your choices determine that.

What if I already had my DNA test done through another company?

The company I chose to use for DNA testing is testing genes that other's aren't. They are able to do this because they are a private company and not a direct to consumer company. These genes have strong research behind them. They are also influential genes. i.e genes having the greatest impact on you. This is why you will take another DNA test. It requires a quick cheek swab versus filling a vial with saliva. When we receive your raw DNA, I know we are working with accurate information.

After I have my DNA tested with you, will I have to have them tested again to work with you again?

No. Because I don't save raw DNA files, you can simply give me your raw file and we can dive deeper into your genes.

How long do genetic test results take?

From the time your kit is received by the company, it is generally 6 weeks until your raw DNA file results are ready. I'll then give you an estimate as to when I'll have your full blueprints ready. From start to finish, you will know the time frames during the process.

What if I have privacy concerns with Genetic Testing?

If you have an account with X-code, 23andMe, Livewello, Self Decode or other services that retains your data, that data can still be obtained by ANY government agencies even if you select to not participate in research.

My preferred option is a private genetic testing company. The company I work with for DNA screening is a private company and NOT direct to consumer, like 23andme. This means you would have to go through me to have your genes typed through them. The Genetic Test Kit provides you with your genetic raw data utilizing a simple to use cheek swab, rather than a messy saliva collection.

This is your data; it is never shared or sold. Genetic data sharing should be purely voluntary. Maintaining a stored version somewhere does not ensure privacy even if you ask to not have it shared. This goes for your relatives data as well because it can tell others about you. Once your data is produced, it is deleted from the array. Your privacy is paramount and protected at every step of the Apeiron journey. From the first step, your DNA sample kit is labeled and tracked solely with a barcode. Reach out to me if you would like this option for DNA health testing or simply click above on the orange button that says Learn More .

What if I want more information about my genes and an epigenetic lifestyle after my original genetic read?

If you want a deeper dive into certain areas of your genes or genetic lifestyle, I have an application process. Acceptance depends on a few factors like my current availability, your commitment to your lifestyle and your disposable income. I will have you go in for lab work and buy certain biometric devices to track where your body currently is. Without real time data, we are only guessing on what is working for you.

Simply email me: applynow@genomicmystic.com and I'll send you the application.

Is this DNA test a clinical test or is any of this clinical analysis?

No. This analysis is not for medical use. However, there is nothing that stops you from bringing your results to your physician. He or she may order more direct tests, like medication risks or disease risk but 23andMe has been a starting point for many people. Without the advice of your doctor, you should not use this information when making any medical decisions.

It's important to note that I am not a medical doctor. I do not provide medical advice. I don't treat or diagnose AT ALL. Anything that you learn from me is for educational purposes only. You are encourages to take the information to your primary doctor that you trust and whom knows your individual situation.

Is any of this Diagnosing or Medical Advice?

No. Absolutely not. I'm not a medical doctor and not pretending to be one. I don't treat or cure. I give knowledge that should be considered, by law, entertainment purposes. Everything I say is my opinion and not a reflection of any company I am affiliated with.

Genetics and even cosmology are made up of potentials, possibilities and probabilities. I can look at certain correlations and causation and give you a potential outcome. But there are so many factors that go into an absolute: your choices, your lifestyle, where you are on your path, and what you are willing to do.

While this may sound like a cop out answer, it's not. It's the truth. To get more accurate and precise, we'd do a deeper dive into your epigenetics. Your epigentics tells us how your genes are expressing. Genes you have may never activate. Or may only activate during periods of extreme stress. Without doing a deep dive into where you currently are, I can just give you probabilities based on what I see in your blueprints. This is what I do in my coaching program.

To learn more about my coaching services, look at the section included in this FAQ area titled: What if I want more information about my genes and an epigenetic lifestyle after my original genetic read?

What are your qualifications?

I am a certified Human Potential Epigenetic Coach and a certified expert in Transformational Biomarker Technologies - a.k.a. Functional Lab Work. As a personal adviser, I skillfully work with people’s DNA blueprint to optimize the body and mind through epigenetic lifestyle genomics. With my education in psychology and alternative wellness, you also benefit from the effective physical, emotional, mental, and energetic optimization techniques I use with each client.

How do I contact you?

You can email us here: kelly@genomicmystic.com.

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The reality is that the best DNA testing for health are just numbers (SNPs) unless you have a clear picture of what they mean for YOUR individual lifestyle.

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It's important to not buy into the fear and sensationalism. There's a lot of misinformation about genes and just because you have a certain gene variant, does not mean that it will manifest.

Your genes are the wood but it's your epigenetic spark that starts the bonfire. Epigenetics are impacted by sleep, stress, food, environment, thoughts, and exercise.

I personally don't delve into ancestry. I make a note of it because it does play a part in your diet and fitness genes but I don't work with ancestry mapping.
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