Discover how to tap into your power using science + spirit

Understanding your Cosmic DNA and how best to navigate your life is powerful!
Your unique blueprints are maps to who you are and how you experience your unique life.

Get your blueprints decoded to reveal your power.
You also will now have a choice to interrupt unwanted patterns.


What is holding you back?

Your past? Uncertainty? Struggle?
Do you remember a time when you were happiest?
How about felt your best?
You can get back to that again…
What is missing in your life?

Why do you experience life the way you do?

A Cosmic DNA Reading Can Help You Understand Your World
Your Genetics
When your parents came together to make you, your genetic blueprint was formed. Backed by scientific research with humans, how your genes influence you can now be predicted. Just as genes influence you, you can also influence them. You have that power when you know your blueprint.
Your Cosmology
Forget horoscopes. Science and accuracy are important when it comes to your health. There’s something magical in seeing proof that you do impact the universe. The cosmos imprinted your body and mind when you took your first breath. Your journey was written into the fabric of the universe.
Meet Your Cosmic DNA Coach
You’ve never seen your life from this angle.

Hi. I’m Kelly Colby. Not everything you want to create is actually what’s right for you. Sometimes your soul has a greater plan for you. It has an alternate journey for you to go on or something you need to experience.

When you try to force creation, you might actually take yourself away from your soul path.

This is not some woo-woo prediction. You chose to incarnate with certain struggles and potentials. You are meant to thrive through these times in the highest octave possible.

You’ll understand who you are and why certain things have happened to you. More importantly, you’ll know what to do about them.

What types of services are available?

Each Service Is Unique To You.
Red Zone Mapping
RIGHT NOW things are breaking. So many of the things we have grown used to have changed. The beauty is that it’s making room for new growth and new stability.

Think of a Red Zone like anything from a speed bump, to a quicksand pit to a small little nuclear explosion in your life.

A speed bump may appear every once in a while and it trips you up.

Quicksand threatens to pull you under no matter how much you try to get out.

And an explosion keeps you tired and on edge.

Discover how your Red Zone can work for you instead of against you!

Click the button below so you can become more empowered and get back to how good you used to feel.
DIY Blue Zone Mapping
Blue Zones are regions of the world where Dan Buettner found people live much longer than average.

As he zeroed in on areas with the greatest longevity, he drew blue circles on the map and began referring to the area inside the circles as the “Blue Zone“.

You Have A Personal Blue Zone.

Your Blue Zone is a health and spiritual strength you should be maximizing.

In this Instant Access video, you’ll see how to find your personal blue zone. Step by step, you’ll be shown how to locate your own blue zone using free tools. And what it all means to you.

Click the button below so you can discover your blue zone now.
Cosmic DNA
Your Cosmic DNA is a unique system that combines your DNA
with a simple swab of your cheek – and your soul’s cosmic journey.

This gives you a greater insight into how to get the life you want back.

Every gene in your body has a code written into it based on your past, your family’s past, and even your current influences.

Understanding these influences helps you make better choices for your self and your future.

You are shown what to focus on and how to tune your life to get back greater harmony and wellness.

If you’ve read the self-help books but Nothing’s Really Changed, This Is For You!

Click the button below so you can discover how the cosmos and genetics intersect inside you. You’ll also understand how to get back to feeling as good as you once did.

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What Will You Learn About Yourself?

The honest answer is… I have no idea! Every person is so unique.

You don’t have to be scared about your genes or your cosmology.
There is always an antidote for everything in nature and the same is true within our body.

Contrary to what we’ve been told, there are no “bad” genes.
Your choices have way more influence than any inherited gene SNP.
Understanding the higher octave of expression is the key.

Cosmic DNA does not focus on the flawed disease model of genetics.
You’ll be put at ease. And you don’t have to know anything you don’t want to.

Start your journey of discovery now!
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