Bio for Kelly Colby

Certified Epigenetic Coaching, Functional Medicine Lab Work, Easy Biohacking, Sleep Optimization, Natural and Indigenous Plant Medicine, Cosmology, Mind/Body/Spirit approach to Health, & Thai Yoga.
Random Facts:
I came into this world comfortable in my spirituality.  Spirit came easy, navigating the physical world as a human proved to be much more challenging. 

I’ve lived in a Buddhist temple, journeyed into the Amazon, was taken under the wing of a Mayan priest, and was taught jungle medicine in the rain forest. Even with my biology training and psychology degree, my science based education never bridged my spirituality until I learned about genetics and epigenetic expression. I realized how genetics and spirituality overlay each other. 
Accepting New Clients:


The human system is complex, not complicated. Each of us has a blueprint for how our body operates. Your blueprint is unique to you. And very different from mine.

It’s not enough to stop there… Genetics itself can’t fully explain why we are so different and have different experiences than our family members.

Did you know that your health is also written in the cosmos? Or maybe the cosmos is written in your genetic code. As above so below.

When I discovered that both of these together gave deeper insights into who we are and what we are to do, I was blown away.
I incorporate an ancient system of cosmology that pre-dates astrology. This gives you a broader understanding of what is influencing your human journey both spiritually and physically. Once you understand that, you are more at ease with your journey and all the ups and downs.

You’ve chosen to incarnate into this life with this blueprint for a reason.

Why genetics matter… We know that stress, diet, sleep, movement, environment and even breathing influences how your genes interact with your body.

I’ll take you on an evidence based journey as we go through your Cosmic DNA™ process. This will reveal your most powerful diet, supplements or plants your should take or ones you should be avoiding – this always surprises my clients – and what your genetics say about your soul’s experience.

Science has established that genetics runs our lives on all accounts. That’s only because they have ignored our spiritual side.

Forget one size fits all. My industry now understands the importance of epigenetics. This means our genes can be turned on or off by external influences. That’s not all. We now know the cosmos can also modify genes. The best part is that we have a say in it all. We have the ultimate control.

If you could be better, would you want to? I give you the opportunity to be better, exactly as YOU are meant to be.

I help people feel better…

By using DNA combined with spirituality
Understanding your Cosmic DNA™ allows you to use science to understand more of you. I’m not using horoscopes. See how the science of the cosmos affects your biology. No one else can tell you what I can tell you.

Over the past 15+ years, I’ve owned wellness centers and been involved with the best, cutting edge technologies and health and lifestyle therapies. Today, I work with people who are done with the status quo and done with labels. My clients are ready to truly understand why they chose their body and situations they did.