There are people in the world, but there's only One you.
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Stop chasing trends and pills when your foundation is weak. 
Discover how to use your biological & spiritual templates to live your power.
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Learn about your genetics and more importantly - which genes are expressing. Discover how the cosmos impacts you.
Alternative to Human Design and Gene Keys, Epigenetic coaching, or Concierge cosmology services.
Discover the depths of who you are by the process known as "Cosmic DNA™️”.  Learn about your epigenome and experience yourself in a safe way. Know your blueprint.
Best for: Someone fully committed to letting go of modern  ways that's failed so many over the past few decades. Be ready to do the work to get on the other side of struggle.

Life seems uncertain...

Life can be exhausting when you don't know these fundamental parts of you. 

It can be unsettling to not understand what is happening in your life and why.  Creating the proper foundation based on a Total You Approach removes unnecessary stress and struggle.

Common reasons for
struggling at this point in life

Signs You're Not In Tune With Your DNA:
You're stuck in the endless cycle of researching & testing.
You're sick of 1 size fits all approach to wellbeing.
You try the latest fads but they don't end up working.
You feel like you're driving in fog - stressful and not safe.
Signs You're Not In Tune With Your Spirit:
You're stuck on why certain things happened to you.
It seems like things fall apart instead of growing. 
You're feeling stagnant but know there's more.
You're tired of not living your truth or power.

There is a solution.


So what's the solution?

The Cosmic DNA™️ program helps you understand the parts of yourself that have been hidden from you. Understanding these helps give you more control in your life.

Genetic or spiritual information alone is a fragmentation of the whole bio-spiritual human being. Combining both your genetics and your spirit is powerful beyond measure.

Knowing the bioactive and natural solutions so your physical and spiritual genes working for you, not against you.

The promise of the program: Begin to feel the difference immediately. Measurable results in as little as 6 weeks.*

*Click here to see what clients are saying.

You have an owner's manual (your genetics & cosmic code). It's the backdoor in your human design.
This allows you to impact the way your body operates.

What you get...

Experience certainty and confidence

Explode in confidence that you can make the right decisions for you. In the easiest way possible.  Crush the powerlessness that keeps you stuck in one place - or worse, has you taking one step forward only to feel you slid two steps back.

Design your life

Discover who you are at a DNA level with our scientifically backed, proprietary system.  You'll never have to guess at what will work for you or not.  You won't need to waste money or energy on the latest diet or wellness trend again. 
Discover new clarity

You know who you are but there's some aspect of your life that's left you feeling like a pin ball tears through your body and spirit. The WHY from the cosmos brings clarity to let it go.  It's the unseen things that hold you back in life.
Get results

Life is not meant to be easy. We contracted to do hard stuff.  As you are guided through the Cosmic DNA™️ process, you'll learn how to navigate through rough situations. You'll learn about high octave living -vs- low octave living.

Seeing yourself in a deeper way, on all levels, you won't ever be afraid to look at  life in truth again.  There's a powerful knowing when you understand your life from the inside out.  It's easier to get to your next level.

Want to go deeper?

Why join Cosmic DNA™️?

You have templates mostly hidden from you. A physical template - your DNA. And a spiritual template - your cosmology. Using these templates, the Cosmic DNA™️ program gives you specific, measurable results by  following a biomap that fits your lifestyle.

Our multi-dimensional process will take you by the hand. You are led through a proven step-by-step process to get measurable benefits.  Things can happen quickly when you have clarity and the right strategy to follow.

✔ Use science + spirit to make the best decisions for your  body and health.
✔ Customize your life based on your blueprints.
✔ Discover how to move through your struggles easier.
✔ Release the growing sense of desperation.
✔ Feel more in control than you have in a long time.
Who this isn't for...
  • You are in a state of constant struggle & overwhelm.
  • You're locked in what's possible and what's NOT.
  • You currently eat a Standard American Diet.
  • There's a belief healing is outside of yourself.
  • You experience reluctancy to try new things.
  • Struggle with receiving feedback or are defensive.
If any of this is you, message me. I will direct you to a next step in your journey. It just isn't Cosmic DNA™️ at this time.

Does Cosmic DNA really work?

"I trust Kelly implicitly above all others."

"Kelly's information is always on the money.  I have come to trust her on so many levels.  I call her my Guardian Angel because that's what she has been for me.  She is kind, wise, and so very knowledgeable.  I still don't know where she hides her wings but she seems to do so.  I trust Kelly implicitly above all others."

Susan French
Clinical hypnotherapist

"Such an affirming resonance within my soul."

"The cosmic report set me on fire in the best way with some surprises that totally explains why I am the way I am in this life.  What I learned about my life's journey through reports Kelly prepared was beyond anything I thought possible, and there was such an affirming resonance within my soul that was undeniable."

Zara Green
Personal Growth Expert
New Orleans

"This shit just made me sit straight up..."

"You are fu*king amazing.  I don't know how to put you out in the universe but I will figure out a way because this shit just made me sit straight up and go, "Ok.  I'm right where I need to be." I'm comfortable with the outcome, whatever it may be. Regardless this is my new health journey and thank you for being a part of it."

Jae Rae Live
Celebrity Psychic

Here's why this program is so important
Whether you realize it or not, the unseen is affecting you. Your DNA and your Cosmic blueprints influence your life.  They are sneaking into your present and causing problems. Unless you become aware, they will continue to impact your future. It's not just about giving you personalized help that's unique to your body (I do that too). It's also understanding the depth of your bio and cosmic influences... That's what this program uncovers. We don't teach to your head. You'll experience a multi-dimensional expansion. 

The cosmos is made up of a web of mysterious threads that creates our collective destiny and individual fate. This foundation is incorporated within the fundamental codes of all of humanity. It is necessary to understand the nature of the stars and cosmos and how it affects your life and your body. Your DNA directly interacts with this cosmic information.

Why this Exclusive Program is so important is... What is the cost of not having a strong foundation? What has it already cost you?  Your time is valuable, why are you waiting to eventually figure it out?  It's time to live your unique truth.

Start With You...
The Cosmic DNA Program

The Cosmic DNA™ program is an Experience product.  Which means that I'm going to TEACH you about your DNA and your cosmology... 
By having you EXPERIENCE it for yourself.

That's priceless.  Because, by the end of this program, you'll know exactly what and how to do it 
AND what it will feel like to experience getting off that well-being treadmill of luck, chance, or trial and error. 
You can't get that by trying to do this alone!
1 year in the Cosmic DNA signature program.
Personalized audios, videos, and pdfs.
You'll see constant wins and build momentum.
Private DNA cheek swab kit sent to you.
650,000+ SNPs of your genes decoded.
DNA: Nutrition, supplements, sleep, and environmental influences.
Biometric monitoring support & guidance.
Your cosmology coordinated with your DNA.
Learn the deepest parts of yourself that are hidden. 
Activate your physical and spiritual DNA.
Learn supplements, natural and indigenous plant medicines to hack your body.

See Why Clients Said "This Alone Was Worth Well Over $12,000!"

Inside my high level Epigenetic Coaching Program, clients pay me $15,000 to support them in their growth.  As a bonus, I offered cosmology and they all agreed: The Cosmic ALONE was worth the investment.  And here's the best part, you don't have to pay $15,000 to get what they got. 
When You Enroll In Comsic DNA™, You're Getting The Culmination Of 20 Years 
Of Professional Health And Spirituality Experience Combined With
The Latest Groundbreaking Science Based Research In Epigenetic Expression!   
And today, my concierge clients pay me between $30 - 50K a year to do things like: fix their diet and nutrition, improve their sleep, and fit their blueprints to their lifestyle.  These same clients all know that even one tweak has a drastically positive impact across all areas of their life. 

Whether you need a few tweaks or you are like most of my clients that need a couple areas of their life completely renovated, then chances are, you can already see what following your custom blueprints will do for you, right?

This isn't about making a couple changes for a few months.
This is a lifestyle that you get to experience into.
It's practical experience that will be with you FOREVER!

And look, the mistake most people make when it comes to making changes in their lifestyle is they think they can gather as much knowledge and research (information) as possible and then their life is guaranteed to magically improve.  But let me ask you...
If you don't truly know what your DNA or your cosmology says about your life, how will know know if what you research is actually going to work?  Or know that it won't cause unwanted epigenetic changes down the road?
Sure, you can test it out.  But after spending $1,000-$6,000 to really give something time to test out, wouldn't it be safer and smarter to simply know if something is going to work for you in the first place... Because you know your blueprints?

So that leads me to how much the investment is to get your hands on this system...

For the past four years now, if you wanted to work with me, you would need to invest in my $15,000 high level Epigenetic Program. 
OR my $30,000 to $50,000 concierge service.
You're about to learn what I've taught others about genetics, epigenetics and cosmology... without having to pay that amount!
Here's why... 
There's a process I take everyone through before we get to the unique and personalized information.  
It's more than an education process... it's an experience process. It's the foundation that everyone should have. 

I've broken it all down into short, easy to consume videos.  
You'll go on this journey while waiting for your DNA & Cosmology results.

✔ After your foundation is set, the personalized fun begins.  
✔ I will then work 1 on 1 with you each month for the remainder of your year. 
✔ We'll make it fun, enjoyable and completely fit into your lifestyle.
✔ Everything will be easy to understand and implement.

Spots are limited.


Bottom Line

Cosmic DNA™ is changing the game when it comes to how we think about health and spirituality...
...And if you want to live a life truly in harmony with who you are, Cosmic DNA™ isn’t just “a” solution... it's the ONLY solution to start from.

How to get clarity faster

Watch the video by clicking the orange button.
Fill out the application to start the process.
Gain Cosmic and DNA clarity that's unique to you.
Follow your map - 6 weeks to measurable results. 
This program is about helping you do one thing and do it brilliantly: Live according to your blueprints. We've combined the physical science of your own personal DNA with your very specific cosmology blueprint. This gives you a solid guide to live the life you know you can have.  This program is designed to support you on the discovery of your depth.  The program does not address medical issues or conditions.
Legal Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor. I (We) do not treat, diagnose or cure any disease, illness, or condition. My (Our) focus is a whole being (DNA/epigenetics + cosmology) approach to optimize your lifestyle in order to live more in harmony with your nature. Nothing on this site should be misconstrued as medical advice. All information on this website is for educational and/or entertainment purposes only. Talk to your doctor before making any changes to your diet, habits, or routine that may impact your health.